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gold standard

ensuring technologies are designed and implemented to change lives for the better in verifiable ways

Through world-class academic research and collaboration, we will be the only transnational research-based technology company in both Quantum Hardware and Software Applications Development. 


With a team dedicated to engineering excellence, with a focus on developing Quantum Machine Learning, Quantum Key Distribution and Communications technologies, we are the only bespoke technology institution to reverse-engineer the Quantum landscape to address societal challenges.


Creating next generation impact metrics coupled to algorithms to measure changes in social equality and outcomes around the world

Creating open source frameworks and artificial intelligence to understand gender inequality in certain industries, with restorative strategies 

By having an absolute dedication to Quantum technology development and machine learning and our academic and business applications orientated teams are attempting to tackle the biggest challenges in the enterprise sector, public life and humanitarian scenarios

Creating open source frameworks and artificial intelligence to understand gender inequality in certain industries, with restorative strategies 

Disrupting and redefining education using neural networks, deep learning and social innovation strategies  to create  

By utilising the very latest in Quantum research each of our programmes will rapidly undergo implementation to ensure the delivery of the technological infrastructure needed to bring global change - as demanded by the UN SDG 2030

  • Communication with ultrafast pulse shaping

  • Light Wave Quantum Communications 

  • Quantum Cryptography and Security

  • LIDAR ( DEFENCE and Exploration ) 

  • Quantum Currency Bond

  • Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)

  • Quantum Random Number Generator

  • Quantum based land and revenue records. 

  • Quantum Electronic Health Records

  • Quantum Secured Blockchain exchange and records. 

  • Immigration Management Using Quantum AI

Q-RandCon - our Quantum Random Number Generation Technology 

Whenever sensitive information has to be exchanged between two parties, cryptography is employed to ensure that no unauthorized third party can get access to the content. One of the key requirements of many cryptographic schemes is that of Random numbers. We will use a method for random number based on parametric down conversion. Several attempt have been made by other research groups to generate random number by using parametric down conversion. Our scheme is very simple to generate random number. This uses a nonlinear crystal that creates two daughter photons after absorbing a photon from a UV source. The two photons will have opposite polarizations. Since both polarizations are equally probable, measuring any one of these photons will have random polarizations. Knowing polarisation of one of them will automatically provide information about the other photon.

HealthCetra - our Quantum Cryptographic Medical Info-DAPP 

People want to protect their health data for obvious reasons, so it’s important to consider all the ways that it can be hacked.

Using our Qubitl proprietary private quantum entanglement development platform in one of the most practical applications of the phenomenon to date, quantum cryptography prevents data from being viewed by anyone other than the intended recipient.


We are dedicated to building our applications on quantum entanglement to be able to provide a global patient database connected with doctors, healthcare providers and patients across the globe. Innovations built on the principles of quantum mechanics hold the potential to affect health care on nearly every level, from diagnosis and treatment to data storage and transmission

Q-Shift - our Quantum Differential Phase Shift technology for Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)

We aim to develop a prototype for fibre-based Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) at telecom wavelength using differential phase shift (DPS) protocol. Use of field programmable gate array (FPGA) would provide high-speed control on modulation and data processing. It is inherently secure against strong eavesdropping attacks called photon number splitting attacks, which pose a serious threat to conventional QKD systems with attenuated laser sources.


QKD system has a huge potential in defence sectors, Governments across the world is looking for collaboration for developing a field ready product for defence and communication applications .

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