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At Qubitl Technologies we are building a more transparent and equal future for everyone. Focussing on people, the planet and all sentient life, we are engineering solutions needed to improve our existence through quantum research and development


is the International home of Applied Quantum Technologies

Qubitl Laboratories and Applied Quantum Technologies is a non-partisan, hardware agnostic research and development institution which combines the intellectual capacity of over 16 research-intensive institutions across the world. We represent and conduct the research interests of thousands of academics, researchers and pioneers in the field of Quantum technology and its applications in computing hardware, research, machine learning and software development


Quantum applications with a social purpose


To date, there has been no significant scientific research or implementation of technologies that go beyond conventional transistor-based technology. The common devices such as transistors and lasers exploit the fact that very small objects, such as electrons, can have only certain fixed energies.


Qubitl has been set up with the long-term view in mind – that is to say that the application of Quantum Technology (QTA) to significantly change the world around us. We use an extensive academic network to identify how QTA can be applied to allied technologies such as IoT, Machine Learning and Blockchain to create the best in class solutions to some of the biggest challenges we face from both a commercial and humanitarian sense.


 At Qubitl Labs it's not "about us" - it is about the impact our R&D makes to humanity and our planet

QUBITL is more than an association of the worlds leading researchers and entrepreneurs who are actively working in the development of Quantum computing technologies. We are the pioneers with a conscious - aiming to be the torch bearers in many aspects of Quantum. 


We were the team who set up India's 1st privately owned Quantum Lab and we will be the first to create an intercontinental research programme spearheaded by academic institutions in Great Britain - focussing upon experimental technology implementation in the delivery of the UN Sustainable development goals 2030. Our team is dedicated to the science and application of Quantum Research which we believe will revolutionise the way we look at complex problems.


We are exclusively non-partisan, hardware and software agnostic - and we are not owned or controlled by corporate interest, we are the leading development framework for the design and implementation of Quantum Products for Research, Banking, Telecommunications, Land and Civic Management, Cybersecurity, Defence and Machine Learning / Autonomous Quantum Systems.

We are dedicated to the creation of meaningful Quantum Applications and in thanks to our collaborations we are focussed upon the following industries - 

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Satellite communications

  • Aviation

  • Resource Management

  • Autonomous Automobiles

  • Banking

  • Telecommunication

  • Land & Revenue

  • Cyber Security

  • Defence

  • HealthCare

  • Quantum Machine Learning

Qubitl is developing world-class quantum machine learning applications and use-cases

Building the super intelligent agents needed to automate our world and make it a better place

We are developing the Ai that will be needed to power and coordinate the exciting hardware technologies of the future.


As well as partnering with leading Quantum Computing Hardware manufacturers and research institutions we intend to test a variety of Ai applications developed to integrate IoT, Autonomous systems, Networked communications, Blockchain and Robotic technologies

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